Modern Homeowners Save Time And Money with Artificial Grass

In the current hustle climate, the modern-day struggle seems to be the choice between spending your hard-earned money or precious time. For instance, ordering your favorite food from a restaurant or spending your time cooking is a dilemma that many face every weekend! Another could be hiring cleaning staff or cleaning your home yourself. 

Why is the choice between spending money or spending time such a tough choice? Well, perhaps it’s because the job market has become increasingly competitive, and the pandemic has added more responsibilities to everyone’s plate. Working women who are now working at home due to safety protocol are finding themselves more burdened than ever—juggling between super mom, super sister, super daughter, chef, cleaner, shopper, and more, with little time remaining for their own self-care. Many may be able to relate, and it might not be wrong to argue that time is more valuable than money.

We all sacrifice our time for the betterment of our personal lives. We do it to make more money in order to be able to afford to live a more comfortable and higher standard life. Hence, we should not think twice when it comes to spending money in lieu of saving our time. The consumer of today is smart and continues to seek time-saving and environmentally friendly solutions in their daily lives. If you want to sleep throughout your day, you probably wouldn’t think twice about ordering food from delivery, and the same may apply to cleaning.

White Push Lawnmower
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The concept of time versus money is also applied towards making project feasibility decisions. When it comes to home improvement, many busy families want to have beautiful lawns but simply lack the time it takes to nurture lush green grass. Home improvement alone can be a full-time job that requires as much care and attention as your children.

Artificial grass, also known as synthetic turf is moving beyond football fields and golf courses; it’s available in Orange County! Fake grass requires neither water nor fertilizers, which means that it can be environmentally friendly and time-saving. You won’t have to trim it every Sunday with your electronically-powered lawn mover, water it (thereby lowering your water consumption), or use chemicals for growth or pest control. In fact, the life expectancy of artificial grass is decades, depending on the brand of grass you install. There is an initial investment to install, but the real benefit comes from saving both time and money over time. 

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The Root Of The Mystery

On bright spring morning, Detective Holmes stepped out of his home office for a breather outside. He couldn’t help but notice that his lawn looked terrible. The grass was patchy and a dull shade of green. Then, he looked up across the street, and noticed that every lawn in his neighbourhood looked the same. What a sore sight! He sighed. He had spent quite a fortune on maintaining his lawn, and wondered what it had all been for. In fact, what what was the point of anything? He took a deep breath. He had tendency to question every thought with an existential philosophy. He was a deep thinker who had experienced and witnessed much, perhaps too much, in life, and wanted to understanding the meaning of it all.

Holmes went back inside. As he sat down and began to ponder the great existential question of human existence, he paused. He glanced at his book shelf, his cat, and his tea pot. It was beautiful, and he came to the realization that perhaps the meaning of life was to simply enjoy all of the beauty of it. He sighed a long and deep sigh, coming to terms with a long-forgotten sense of inner peace.

But then he remembered what he saw that morning. “Grrr!” he exasperated. “What is the matter?” Holmes was determined to get to the bottom of the mystery of the sad grass. He sat back in his chair. He was a smart man who knew better than to look at situations from their mere surface. He leapt out of his chair, ran to his shed, and grabbed this shovel. Holmes found himself digging for answers as he shovelled through the soil of his front lawn.

Stack of Gray Stones

“Aha!!” he exclaimed. He was glad he found the answer, but frustrated that this meant that he had been spending a fortune on grass that was in no healthy condition to grow. What he found from his digging was that the soil and clay composition of the ground simply wasn’t the best for growing lush green grass. Holmes ran back to his shed, threw his shovel inside, and raced back into his office. “I will find an alternative!” he shouted to himself. He was the type of man who was relentless and always focused on finding a solution.

He figured real grass was no longer physically viable, nor was it a cost-friendly option. Holmes conducted some further investigation and discovered that artificial grass had become increasingly popular over the years in Orange County. However, the man was a skeptic and did not trust popular opinion. He had to discover the truth on his own and see it with his own eyes.

With some more research and reading online reviews, he stumbled across NoMow Turf, an artificial turf installation company that happened to be based in Orange County. He looked carefully at each photo on the site, and while he was normally a hard man to impress, Holmes was dazzled. He gave them a call and had his new lawn installed the very next day.

If you are finding it difficult or costly to grow and maintain your lawn, check out NoMow Turf and give them a call.