A World of Lies

We operate in a “post-truth” world. One where everything is suspect, and nothing you are told is real.

The News Media LIES

Our Politicians LIE

Our celebrities and entertainment industry are nothing but the purveyors of LIES and CONVENIENT FICTIONS.

Every day, more proof comes out that reveals that all of these forces operate in tandem to spread misinformation that benefits the powers that be. Our news reports, our testimonials, our history books, our movies, all tell a story that has been hand crafted by agents of the managerial regime we toil under.

This regime poisons us every day – our food is grown with crops raised from chemicals that alter our DNA, destroy our internal regulators, and alter our biology, then processed with even more chemicals to make us fat, lazy and easy to control. Our water is filled with compounds designed to influence how we
think, speak and feel. The pharmaceuticals we ingest to combat the poor health caused by the food and water instead compound the problems and induce dependency.

The regime kills and maims without discretion abroad and ensures that you remain complacent and ignorant by manipulating the information allowed to be broadcasted. It believes that liberty is nothing but a convenient lie that we choose to believe to make things easier for ourselves. It sits secure,
knowing that there is nothing it doesn’t control, nothing that it doesn’t own.

Until Now

Dover Street is a publication dedicated to seeing past the deception and ensuring that the real news, the truth, is accessible to those who seek it. We dig, we sort, and we publish all the information that we can find, because we know that the only people bringing you the real truth are those independent reporters
that have the guts to go against the mainstream.

The “Elites” that make up the regime are stupid, incompetent, arrogant, and cowardly, yet they hold the reigns of power through their vast resources and network of complicity. To fight them successfully, all we need to do is hold on to our steadfast belief in liberty and reveal the truth in its shining glory. Against
such brilliance, their empire of shadows will crumble.

Don’t Listen To The Facts. Listen To Us.

The stories they allow to be published aren’t to be trusted. Their “facts” are laboratory-made, things made to strengthen their hold over our minds. We are the light bringers in an increasingly dark world. Let the torch of Prometheus lead you through  the darkness to the shining hill of Liberty.