Pest Control On The Worst Species

Dolphins and puppies can make even the most high-strung say “Hakuna Matata”…

…and then there are some animals that make you question the existential purpose of their species as a whole.

I’m aware of the ecological phenomena where a chain reaction can arise from a single biological event that happens to occur within the intricately interwoven biology of Planet Earth. The mainstream theorists deduce this to be evidence that every living organism serves a larger purpose. But take mosquitos, for instance. What do those ugly bloodsuckers offer our ecosystem other than insufferable itchiness? You really can’t convince me that our planet couldn’t do without them. Would there really be such a thing as The Butterfly Effect if we eliminated mosquitos and replaced them with, in fact, harmless butterflies? What good is worth the tradeoff that supposedly justifies the nuisance of the existence of mosquitos?

Furthermore, you would never in a million years think that one particular animal could create an ecological chain reaction, one so uncontrollably widespread, that would give rise to a worldwide pandemic. Now, we’ve all heard about the conspiracies around those infested bats, but since it is never my intention to offend or provoke anyone, I will not discuss that topic. So all I’m asking is this: couldn’t Mother Nature have picked something better to do with her time than to create those filthy animals?

Imagine my horror, disgust, and earth-shattering rage when I discovered that my attic had been infested with rats. I became aware of an odiously odorous stink that was so ghastly…that I was sure an alien had infiltrated my attic (entering, after all, through the highest point of the house from their spaceship), but then died from Earth air poisoning, which was too dissimilar from the substance they breathe on their origin planet. These rodents were so ugly that they may as well have been from another planet. 

There are many terrible problems with rats and other rodents, going beyond the fact that they are ugly and smelly. 

Rodent infestations are a serious health risk. They may comfortably nest themselves into your home, but these rodents are the complete opposite of domesticated. Expect full-on feral. Many rodents are territorially aggressive; they will attack with bites that can severely infect humans and pets with typhoid, hantavirus, rabies, and more.

The rats made an unforgettably odorous mark, leaving droppings in the insulation in the attic, contaminating the air that circulates throughout the home. The experts of Natural Science pest control near me exterminated the rodents and replaced the insulation with fire retardant and energy-efficient insulation. The treatment sure did cost me, but I am glad that I made the investment in my home as well as in my personal hygiene, sanity, and safety. Health has been my number one priority ever since the latest global crisis cemented itself in history.

The exterminators were professional and polished. I can confidently recommend them for rat removal in Orange County. When the worst species attacks your home, you need the best of the best to unleash a counterattack. If left untreated, rodents and other pests can cause significant structural damage to your property and compromise your personal well-being.

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