Statewide Need For Marijuana Business Security Rises

If there’s one thing we’ve been warning people about for going on a decade now, it’s the inevitability of another crime wave the likes of which we haven’t seen here in America since the 1980’s. What caused it then is the same thing that’s causing it now: a general queasiness on the part of the state in enforcing its monopoly on violence, emboldening the criminal element in its war against average law-abiding citizens.

Whatever you may think may be the root cause of the rising criminal tide, it’s undeniable that it’s happening, and it’s beginning to take a major toll on businesses of all sizes and sectors. Target, a major retail outlet, has reported that it’s already lost more than $400 million this year thanks to theft and estimates that a further $200 million will be lost by the year’s end.

One of the more disturbing elements of this most recent rise in crime is that it isn’t limited to just property crime – in most cities, violent crime rates have also begun spiking. The U.S. murder rate has risen precipitously over the past three years, reaching rates the country hasn’t seen in well over thirty years.

One industry that has been hit especially hard by both property and violent crime is the sale of legal cannabis, a fact that’s been a major contributor to its relatively sluggish growth since its initial decriminalization back in the mid-2010s. Heavy taxes being paid to local governments that show no interest in protecting them has taken a major toll on the budding industry, and crimes are quickly shifting from simple theft to more extreme and deadly iterations as criminals have caught on that police steer well clear of dispensaries.

What all this amounts to is that bud shops need to start picking up on the lessons that we’ve been preaching for years: it’s up to you to defend yourself because the government sure as heck won’t! The rules for defending a business in, say, California are of course going to be a little bit different than our usual recourse, but there are still steps you can take to protect your property.

The obvious first step is insurance since even the best security system can be bested by an especially determined enemy. We have to pause on this note before we get any further, however, because your security system must follow your policy to the letter, because any tiny detail you might have missed can and will be used by the claims adjuster to deny you restitution.

Insurance policies are difficult to decipher even in the best of times, so we heavily recommend contracting the work out to firms who specialize in marijuana security and compliance with both insurance policies and the law. For California-based businesses, this means working with Cannabis Compliant Security Solutions, or CCSS for short.

CCSS has an experience borne from decades of experience working in the Bay Area police forces, including undercover operations in which they gained deep insight into the methodology of criminals. The team can identify what options work to deter and stop crime before it can cause disruptions to your operations and ensure your security system is ironclad in its adherence to local ordinances and your insurance policy.

Don’t let yourself become just another statistic in the rising tide of criminality in this country. Take steps to protect yourself by contacting CCSS today:

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