In Hot Water

As we’ve anxiously watched Western civilization shudder from the successive blows of Covid and the restarting of major global geopolitical conflicts, it has given us cause to reflect on possible historical analogs that may help us better understand what it is that we’re standing on the precipice of. There are a few favorites that we keep coming back to – the fall of the Soviet Union, the black death, and the fall of the western Roman empire.

This last one is especially compelling. Not because it is especially applicable to our situation, though there are certainly many echoes that may sound familiar. It’s compelling because of the level of societal degeneration that is possible, to the point that the ancestors of the architects could look up in wonder and ask what gods might have made such amazing things.

One account I find particularly interesting is the shock that many Saxons found when visiting the Roman baths in London in the centuries directly proceeding the retreat of the empire from the islands. The visitors were delighted at the novel feeling of having their entire bodies immersed in hot water at once.

As I watch the economy beginning to collapse under a combination of extremely poor (or purposefully destructive) decision-making and its own untenable weight, this image of future barbarians blissfully enjoying the fruits of our civilization with no recollection of how to recreate it weighs heavy on my mind. Also, my water heater recently broke down, and I had to spend the better part of a month taking cold or lukewarm showers while waiting for a replacement.

I was stuck waiting that long because my area is lacking in quality plumbing companies. Luckily for the majority of our readers, San Diego doesn’t have that problem thanks to California Plumbing.

California Plumbing’s sterling reputation for professionalism and excellent customer service is a breath of fresh air in a business environment where standards are bottoming out. Just take a look at the reviews their customers have left:

I will not go through any other company other than California Plumbing. I had a clogged shower that needed to be snaked and and baked up dishwasher line. Aaron who is the owner came in and he was in and out in less than 2 hours all while remaining clean and respectful! Very reasonable with pricing! Not only was it a great service you can tell the company is under great leadership to ensure that there are no loose ends. After receiving an experience from them, I won’t waste my time with a plumbing issue! Reliability, responsive, and Respectful!

Phillip M., Yelp Review

California Plumbing was professional, helpful, and very quick to respond. We asked for a camera waste line inspection prior to moving in to our new home, and Rachel gave me detailed information I didn’t receive from any other company. They sent Nestor out the next day and he was fantastic. Very professional and really walked me through the process and what to look for. The entire process was very easy and smooth. I’ll be calling California Plumbing for all of my future plumbing needs.

Mike R., Yelp Review

If your shopping around for a reliable, responsive and reasonable plumber, stop shopping and pick up the phone! We had a pipe break under the slab about 6 months ago. California Plumbing showed up 4 other plumber companies by providing tier 1 service at the best value. What others quoted us for 7 days to complete servuce, Aaron and his team got it done in 3 days. To this day, pipes are still working great and re-inspection by an independent pipe camera company confirms the work is solid. Thank you California Plumbing!

Franco S., Yelp Review

If you’re like me and find yourself shivering in your shower, do yourself and get a quick water heater replacement in Chula Vista and greater San Diego area by giving California Plumbing a call. They’ll get you back to basking in the steamy results of 1000 years of civilizational advancement.

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