Not Your Average Landscaper

“Hello, hello, hello, it’s another sunny day in gorgeous San Diego. The time is 7am, and this one is for those of you heading into work on this Monday morning.” The radio cut to the music as Lily Cain coasted down Interstate 5. She was headed to a meeting, running 15 minutes early as usual. 

Lily Cain made her wage off making other people interesting. That’s not to say they weren’t actually interesting, but Lily had a way of making the driest of stories nail biters. She had been writing for the San Diego post for about 6 months, trading the four seasons of New York City for something a little sunnier. So far, she couldn’t help but love San Diego. She loved the weather, the food, and her new job wasn’t half bad either. She primarily wrote about businesses local to San Diego that were having a big impact on the community. It was a great way to showcase her skills. 

This morning she was especially excited for her meeting with Don Whales, the owner of a local company that did landscaping work in La Jolla and surrounding areas that she had been hearing great things about. Don had been in business with his late father before starting Whales Landscaping. It had just been the two of them, but after his dad passed he had decided to start his own company. With Don’s experience, they had expanded quickly, marketing themselves as trustworthy, experienced, professionals. They had even created a little landscaping tips guide for DIYers.

She pulled into the parking lot of the coffee house she was meeting Don at and hopped out of her car. She walked in prepared to grab a drink and prep until Don got there because, of course, she was early. To her surprise a man, younger than she had thought, opened the door for her. “You must be Lily,” the man said. He had bright blue eyes, a deep tan, and gorgeous smile. 

“Oh my gosh,” Lily said, a little to loud. She wasn’t used to people beating her places. “Um, yes I am. It’s nice to meet you,” she extended her hand. 

“Likewise. Why don’t you grab some coffee and meet me at my table,” Don said, pointing to a table in the back. Based on his half empty coffee cup, Lily guessed he had arrived at least 15 minutes ago. 

Lily retrieved her coffee, black with a splash of skim, and headed for Don’s table. “So, I have really been looking forward to this interview. Obviously, there are a lot of companies that do landscape design in Rancho Santa Fe but yours has really made a splash. You guys really have a reputation for excellence.” Lily took a seat and began pulling out her tablet to take notes. 

“Lily, flattery will get you far,” Don smiled. “It was always a dream of mine to start my own thing. That’s not to say I don’t miss working alongside my dad, we had several good years, and I miss him every day. I’m really happy with where I landed though.”  

Lily smiled back, “That is great stuff. You sort of answered my first couple of questions though.” This guy kept beating her to the punch, Lily thought, and she kind of liked it. “So, I guess I’ll have to skip to my next question. In your mind what makes your company so special?” 

“Hmmm,” Don thought out loud, “If I really had to say, I would say we are a larger company with a small company feel.”

“One more question for you,” Lily said, “What has been your favorite project to work on?”

“O, that is an easy one,” Don replied, “It has to be the Mission Hills landscaping project we did a few months back. I’m not going to lie, it was in rough shape when we first got there, but by the time we were done it was simply stunning. It literally made the homeowners cry.”

“Great answer,” Lily replied, “and great interview. I really appreciate you taking time out of your busy day to meet with me.”

“Oh, Lily it was an absolute pleasure,” Don replied with a wink.

If you are looking for a great landscaping company in San Diego, we recommend:

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Which Table Will You Sit At?

Let’s say you have three dinner tables you could possibly join. You’re not exactly in close proximity to any one of them, but you have a general idea of what each table is talking about. One table is discussing GMOs in food, one is discussing J-walking laws, and one is discussing immigration lawyers in Orange County. You’d join the third table, right?

Now if you are considered to be a sane human being, your answer will most likely be no. Immigration, especially immigration litigation, is just not a subject that brings out the best in people these days. It is a necessary topic to discuss, but someone always ends up so angry that they need an emotional time out. Where does this frustration come from? Is it from an individual’s frustration with opposing ideas, or does it come from the misinformation that is constantly being spread about immigration?

If its the latter, then there is hope for these somewhat painstaking conversations. Immigration lawyers know the truth about this issue, far more than what people gather from Facebook headlines and podcasts. It is the job of these individuals to know the ins-and-outs of every piece of immigration litigation, no matter how small or obscure, to help those who may need their services.

It’s no secret that thousands of people currently living in America are unnerved by the immigration laws coming to Congress. The same bill can look like saving grace in one publication and damning horror in another…it is becoming harder and harder to learn about a bill from a non-op-ed source.

Immigration lawyers can clear the water on any weirdly worded, poorly articulated immigration law that leaves you stumped. They can let you know when certain laws take effect, in what context they can take effect, and if those laws can affect you or your family. They can tell you the reality of the situation, telling you the truth without scaring you into unnecessary fees (though it’s always wise to stay on the lookout for those).

Let’s be honest here: when you Google “Immigration Lawyer Orange County,” it can be hard to narrow down the options. Which results came up because they provide the best service for their price, and which results came up first because they paid Google to show up first? How can you know if a legal services provider is successful because of their reputation, or if they are successful because of the hidden fees they don’t reveal until later?

However, there are immigration lawyers who don’t operate with malicious means and here at Dover Street, we have come to help. We standby our mission statement, which is to give you breaking news you can rely on while delivering you high-quality information. We have found the best immigration lawyer in the county and if you or someone you know is in need of one, we highly recommend you read to the bottom of this article.

Immigration law might not be everyone’s favorite subject, but the journalists at Dover Street have a passion for it. Do you want your future in the hands of someone who only wants your financial investment, or would you want someone who genuinely cares about your health and well-being?

You can meet our top rated immigration lawyer here:

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The Divorce Magician

In today’s world divorce is so common it has become almost habitual. Whether it is financial instability, infidelity, or insecurity, there seem to be more divorces every month. Add to this the process of divorce being painful and heartbreaking and you end up with many broken people and families.

Given this, Sunnyside reporter, Jackson Sparrow, was trying to get to the bottom of why divorce rates were plummeting in his town. He had tracked a significant decrease in divorce rates but didn’t know why or who is working behind the scenes to cause this decrease. After careful investigation,  Jackson had is first lead, one woman, a divorce mediator.

“Bingo! There she is!” after several searches, Jackson comes across a mediation website and is surprised by the results. A step-by-step guide in divorce preparation, maintaining a clean mindset, and collaboration techniques are all essential and manifested in the divorce process.

I was intrigued and started to dive in deeper, looking for couples who were going through the divorce process.

“So I guess you’re just with me for the money huh” said business owner, Bob, with suspicion.

“What do you mean? You’re making this a big deal, it’s just a purse and some heels” replied, his wife, Barbara.

After several arguments on the same topic, both Bob and Barbara hired lawyers separately to file for divorce.

“Bob & Barbara’s $290 million divorce!” was the headline cover for Star Magazine. On his way back from home, Sunnyside reporter, Sparrow, sprinted like a hungry cheetah chasing a gazelle to catch up with Bob.

Without catching a single breath, Sparrow said, “What’s up Bob? How’s it going? How’s the process looking?”

Not wanting to speak of the matter, “None of your damn business! Leave me alone.”

Sparrow notices how agitated Bob looks, so he decides to mention, “This probably doesn’t matter to you right now, but there is word of this divorce mediator making this process as easy as possible, you may want to check her out.” Sparrow replied.

“Thanks, honestly I appreciate this, many reporters come up to me, bash me, and make me look like I’m the bad person.” Bob says in relief, “I’ll give it a try, our lawyers have been a pain, I just want the process to be simple.”

A couple of weeks later, Sunnyside News decided to conduct an interview on Bob’s heartbreaking divorce. Sparrow was just the man for the job and was assigned to the story. Bob was thrilled to see Sparrow.

“I remember you, thank you once again, the divorce mediator was stellar!” replied Bob with happiness, “She saved us a ton of money and actually helped my wife and I to be on better terms than when we had started this whole process.

Sparrow was pleased with the results, but he needed to find more couples who had worked with the mediator to get a fuller picture of the decline in divorce rates.

After a little more searching and a bit of luck, Sparrow actually found a couple who had restored their relationships and stayed together after being on the brink of splitting up. Which is even better news knowing that they have three kids!

It turns out that this divorce mediator is also an expert in family law. Which was a huge gamechanger for this family with three kids. Think of the difference for those kids, not having to live in different houses and sharing time with parents, now getting to stay together all as a big happy family. Sparrow was able to meet up with this family and interview them and get more insight into her process:

“Second chances are a form of redemption.” said Justin, confidently when he found out his wife committed a grave mistake, “the divorce mediator was really there to help us out and made me realize the importance of self-love.”

“Listen, what your wife did was wrong, but you have three beautiful kids and a house both of you worked so hard to get.” replied the divorce mediator with reassurance, “don’t throw 15 years of marriage down the drain.”

“See honey, I know I should’ve never bought that purse” said Rebecca with tears in her eyes.

“You’ve been pretty consistent, over the last two years buying expensive things you don’t need”  replied Justin with a straight look on his face, “You stay at home, don’t work, I give you all the freedom in the world, yet you’re over here buying this and that.”

After 2 minutes of silence, “you’re right, what I’ve done is childish, please forgive me.”

“I’m doing everything I can to make enough to get buy, but we need to be better about tracking our expenses to prevent this from happening” replied Justin affirmatively.

“Alright guys, let this be a reminder, we’re all in this together, I’ll see you next week.” said the divorce mediator.

In the end, they were able to work out their differences and the family is now living happily together. It turns out that the hard work or one caring individual really can change a town. If you need to talk to a mediator, heres where you can connect:

McNamee Mediations

4590 MacArthur Blvd Suite 500, Newport Beach, CA 92660

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The Termite Terminator

Reporter, Terry Barnes, at the Sunnyville Times adjusted his spectacles and stared at the wall. “Just as I suspected,” he said, “termites!” He took a sip of his Mocha Latte with skim.

“So, I have termites?” the coffee shop owner, Paul, said with a look of terror on his face.

“I honestly have no idea, I’m not an inspector,” Terry replied. “I am, however, a reporter! You may have heard of me, Terry Barnes.” He extended his hand.

The coffee shop owner blinked at Terry dumbfound, “but you just said I have termites?”

“Well yes, of course! Everyone has termites! That’s why I’m here. I’m writing an article about it. It may in fact be the most hard-hitting story Sunnyville has ever seen! In fact, I’m meeting Tony Johnson here. You may have heard of his company Sunny Pest Control. They have been cleaning up the city, one business at a time! They are local heroes to most. I’m sure they can help you with your termite problem,” Terry replied. “You’ll want to check out their website, they are seriously the best pest control guys in the business.”

“Can you stop saying I have termites so loudly?” Paul said rolling his eyes, “You have no idea if I have termites, man.”

Hmph. Terry sighed. “Hi, Mr. Barnes?” a young lady approached Terry with her hand extended.

“No autographs please. I am waiting for a very important person to arrive.” Terry replied, taking another sip of his coffee and glancing at the door.

“Um, yes but Mr. Barnes,” she continued but Terry cut her off.

“Okay fine! One autograph but that’s all. What should I sign,” he looked around in search of a pen.

Paul chuckled lightly as he noticed the name on the side of her coffee cup. Terry noticed, “What’s so funny? You won’t be laughing when I advise Tony Johnson not to help you with your termite problem!”

Paul started laughing harder. “So, this Tony person is really that good then? They can solve all of my insect infestation problems?”

“Well, yes his company is the absolute best. Typically, I would be mad that he was so late but because this is such a VIP interview I’m not even going to complain. I mean it is completely rude to be this late. My time is money, seeing as I am Sunnyville’s most famous reporter. I’m sure Mr. Johnson has an excellent reason for being so late though,” Terry babbled on, finally locating a pen. “So, what should I sign darling? Your napkin? Your shirt? What?”

“Umm Mr. Barnes,” she started, but Terry cut her off again. “Really doll I’ve got a VIP about to walk through that door any minute now, I don’t have all day. Here…” he trailed off reaching for the sleeve of her shirt.

“Mr. Barnes!” she said shocked. Paul was laughing so hard he was crying now.

Terry shot Paul a dirty look. “What? I thought you wanted an autograph?”

She rolled her eyes at both Terry and Paul. “Mr. Barnes, I am Tony the owner of Sunny Pest Control. I’m here to be interviewed.”

Terry’s mouth dropped open. Paul continued to laugh, “He’s speechless, I bet that’s a first!”

“Haha,” Tony let out a little laugh, “Okay, okay, but seriously Paul, we should really talk about getting you set up with some termite control.”

Paul stopped laughing and his face dropped, “Wait, what?”

“Ya, you’ve got termites. You can find me here.”

Natural Science Exterminating

11642 Knott Ave, Garden Grove, CA 92841

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Get Up and Shake It!

What do sharks, a car with no brakes, and sitting at work all have in common? They are all scary and dangerous! It was recently discovered that sitting while working is more harmful than cigarettes, soda, and fast food all combined! Well, not really. There is no statistical evidence to back that statement up. However, studies do show that they are all bad for your health. Cigarettes will cause lung cancer, soda dehydrates you, and fast food will clog your arteries. You may be thinking, “Sitting can’t really be that bad in comparison, can it?”

Well, it can. Frequent sitting has been linked to heart disease, early death, dementia, diabetes, poor posture, weight gain, and cancer. I know, yikes! This article is not meant to scare you into a new profession. While sitting at work has been linked to these health problems, it is not the true cause. The cause is the lack of movement or inactivity, that occurs when you sit at work. So, if you have a job that requires quite a bit of sitting do not be afraid to get up and shake your tail feather occasionally! 

Lift Tables Adjustable Desks

Practice makes perfect. If you have a job that gets you up and moving partaking in physical activity in your free time is probably easy. However, if you have a job that requires you to sit behind a desk staring at a computer screen all day going for a five mile walk after work might be a little trickier. The more active you are at work each day will make it easier to be active in your free time. Also known simply as, being in good health.  

If you have a desk job that requires you to sit frequently there are a few things you can do. First, I would highly recommend looking into alternative work stations, such as a standing desk, if possible. Lift Tables adjustable desks are a great option for this! Not only do standing desks look cool, but they are also great for your health! If that is not an option have no fear, there are other ways to avoid sitting at work. 

The second way to make sure that you stay healthy is to get up and move during breaks. Be the crazy person doing jumping jacks on break and own it! Nobody will be laughing when your health is top notch down the road. 

Third, ditch the office chair. Instead opt for an exercise ball. Sitting on an exercise ball promotes movement and core strength. It can also help your posture and is a fun way to keep in shape. They come in a variety of different colors and, come on, who doesn’t love those things? 

Last, join a gym near work and sneak out on your lunch break. There is nothing wrong with working up a little quality sweat over the lunch hour. Some of your coworker friends might even join you! Whether it is for a quick game of hoops or walk around the track, a little gym time is a fun way to get active during the work day. 

So, don’t fall victim to the sitting at work monster! Get up and move like your life depends on it, because, well, it does.

To find great deals on adjustable desks make sure to check out:

Creative Office Design

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I Meant Boats

Mandy tripped out her front door, latte in hand, on her way to meet Nick an electrician local to their community who was making quite the splash in the area installing electric vehicle chargers. Ever since the rise of the electric car there had been a huge demand for installation and Nick was the only man equipped for the job in their small community. This was why her employer, Dover Street, wanted her to get an interview with him. After a couple weeks of calling she had finally been able to set up a meeting and now she was going to be late thanks to her dog deciding to chew up a pillow this morning amongst other things. She never could seem to keep everything together. 

She walked through the front door of his shop right on time thanks to her biking skills, unfortunately she was a little sweaty which she tried to hide as she had a look around. She spotted a gentleman wearing a shirt with the name, “Nick” embroidered across the upper left-hand corner. She walked over extending her hand, “Hi Nick, I’m Mandy the report from Dover Street. It is so nice to meet you. I have to say it is very refreshing to see a business owner back behind the counter getting his hands dirty.” 

The boy stood wide eyed staring at Mandy’s hand. “Uh um,” she heard behind her. She turned and standing there was a tall, slender man in a suit. Her hand was still extended and she noticed everyone could see what a sweaty mess she was. 

“Hi Mandy,” the man said, “I’m Nick.”

Oh gosh, she thought, as if she could be more embarrassed. “Of course, you are! I am so sorry Nick is a popular name.” 

“Hmm yes, well sorry I’m not in my electrical clothes working behind the counter today. I have quite a few meetings today, but I do prefer working with my hands” he replied with a little grin. 

She had already looked foolish, she thought, great. “Of course you do so I won’t take up too much of your time. Shall we get started?” 

“Why not,” he replied. 

“Great,” she smiled releasing a big breath. “So, Nick I’m told you actually went to college with the inventor of the electric car is that true?” She questioned. 

“Haha, not quite the inventor, but my friends were doing great work in their studies on making electric cars more economically feasible” Nick replied.

Mandy could tell she was blowing this, “Yes sorry of course, I almost always have my research double checked. Anyway, I’d love to know what inspired you to start this business?” She asked. 

Nick smiled politely, he could tell she was nervous. “I studied the electrical trade. Then when I saw electrical cars were becoming the way of the future I made myself equip to serve that need,” he replied, “Originally, though the Tradesman Electrician specialized in electrical panels. From there it was an easy transition to electric vehicle chargers.”

That was a great answer, Mandy thought. “Last question,” she said glancing down at her notes. Unfortunately, they had gotten smudged on her bike ride over. She squinted trying to read her bosses handwriting. “It is to my understanding you are very interested in butts. Have you always been a sailor?” She realized what she had accidentally said as the words left her mouth, “Boats! I meant boats!” 

Nick laughed, “Yes I have always been interested in boats Mandy, while I am less interested in human anatomy.” 

Mandy was mortified. She shook his hand and excused herself quickly. Maybe she would be better suited for a career in boats or anatomy she thought as she biked home. 

You can find and contact The Tradesman Electrician here:

(949) 378-8334

What’s in a Reputation

Brothers-in-Truth, we are faced today with most grave and alarming news: the United States is down to it’s final blockbuster video. This travesty was reported by our close news partner in nothing but the truth, CNN. It turns out Bend Oregon is the final stronghold for popular video rental with no late fees. An unbelievable feat really in the face of the constant competition and public demand for instant gratification streaming.

This just another victim of the corporate machine getting louder and faster and churning honest service and cinema under its tires. Other truth driving patriots include our good friends at Circuit City, Borders, and mervyn’s. No one had a deeper bond with honest news and true patriotism than mervyn’s. But today everything seems to boil down to reputations and that’s the subject of today’s breaking news. Certain business’ reputations are starting to climb out of control and we’re turning our Skeptic Scopes to see just how great these industry giants really are.

According to ‘everyone gets a trophy’ JD Power & Associates, Ford is the best truck of the year. We at the Dover Street Examiner have seen our fair share of brilliant pickups and no truck has yet to top this baby

In the same breath there are more technology companies popping up every day that claim to know the very best anti-virus software to protect us from the most truth-destructive enemy of all: hackers. Breaking news from PC Mag: Avast antivirus. Really? Yet another comical corporate push for FREE-mium software which is just a piece of software lying about being free. Plus everyone knows the best antivirus is Linux. Kick those hackers right back in the teeth if they try to enter our temple of truth.

The final and most insidious change to our way of life in these past weeks is the ever-honest and paragon of patriotism Costco’s horrifying decision to replace polish sausages with acai bowls. This tragedy falling on the heels of the removal of chocolate as a flavor option in frozen yogurt. Is nothing sacred? This is perhaps the greatest breach in trust with we loyal bulk buying disciples of discount. The reputation of acai bowls is clearly being overblown by those algorithm-toting, truth-filtering tricksters at instagram. No one wanted this change but an overblown reputation has claimed another victim. RIP Polish Sausage.


Don’t even get us started on consumer-service review sites. Better Business Bureau, TripAdvisor, AngiesList, the Health Department, they’re all out to play a popularity contest with our honest feelings about the goods and services we buy. What ever happened to the days of honest yelp certified organic marketers that help consumers make their voices heard and show the best businesses for what they really are? These kind of reviews give us hope but then again we all know hope is a great weakness if you let your guard down…

Keep your eyes peeled for the truly BEST products, services, and patriots in our field and report them in to us so we can share the good news with our loyal followers in truth. Until then, keep your guard up, stay skeptical, and stay diligent out there.