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Welcome back, truthseekers. Today we’re going to be speaking on the progenitor of the sickness of modern man: the collapse of aesthetics.

In particular, I’m talking about how gosh darn UGLY everything is in modern life. Buildings, landscapes, art, even furniture is not exempted from this; everywhere we turn, we are faced with an ugliness that would be alien to anyone born before the 1950’s.

A quick walk through a modern city block would give you everything you need to know about the general degradation of aesthetics in the west. The buildings that surround you are either lifeless behemoths of glass and steel or cookie-cutter apartment complexes and housing, all bereft of any sort of meaningful character or identity – you can walk down almost any city street from Budapest to Los Angeles and not be able to tell the difference in nationality or location.

On the ground level, streets begin melting together; asphalt bordered with the ugly grey of concrete, broken every so often by a listless tree or a piece of modern ‘art’ that inspires no one and in fact adds to the bleak, heavy atmosphere that so dominates our lives. Everything constructed and installed based on calculated rates of depreciation and cost, rather than a desire to impart a man’s will upon the environment and thereby create something beautiful and awe-inspiring.

In our lives, there is no awe, there is no will to power; there is only a will to increase this quarter’s profits. Nowhere is this more apparent than the internal condition of the modern working environment.

In more civilized times, there were certain rules and conditions that forced interior designers and architects to keep the humanity of office workers in mind. Due to the constraints, for example, of early modern lighting, offices were required to have windows that were 12’ high to let in as much light as possible – this not only provided natural sunlight, it also gave workers much better views during the day so that they could let their minds wander and recharge.

Today we have small, cramped offices where windows are only provided to managers encased in glass offices. Worker drones must subsist off the florescent lights (bought with electricity costs in mind), which destroy the natural circadian rhythms and lead to worse sleep and health.

The state of modern office furniture is another major contributor to the malaise we feel in our day to day working lives. Companies purchase pieces that are designed to be, ultimately, disposable, and though you may not consciously recognize this, your brain certainly does. Poor office furnishings lead to more depressed and less productive workers.

So, what is a small business to do about this phenomenon? The first step is purchasing quality furniture, of course, which is where Creative Office Design comes in.

Creative Office Design supplies the entire Los Angeles and Orange County areas with office furnishings that can break the trend of modern offices acting as a sort of psychological hospice. They provide signature series, such as their System 2 Cubicles, that provide workers with aesthetically pleasing and quality workspaces that they can customize to make the space ‘theirs’, and thereby create a less stressful and more productive environment.

One reason many workers today prefer employment by a small business is that it affords them an escape from the usual horrors of a soulless corporate office. If you want your business to succeed, facilitate their creativity and desire to escape the mediocre doldrums by providing them with high quality and good-looking office furniture.

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Consider this a public service announcement. It is about time the people of this country RECLAIM the label of environmentalism from the corrupt and EVIL hegemon that holds sway over the movement.

This force (which shall remain UNNAMED) who ‘protects’ the environment wants to convince you that it’s YOU who is causing untold environmental destruction, it’s YOU who are killing the creatures of the wilds, it’s YOU who is polluting the earth around us. All the while they use their power to enable the international conglomerates to ship their production centers off to countries with lax or no environmental protections and dump their toxic sludge into our beautiful oceans and spew their vile humors into the air we breathe!

Every day they develop new methods of poisoning us and our lands, making new chemicals designed to artificially increase food yields that make it as unfit to eat as rotten garbage and runs off into rivers, making them barren and unsuitable for life. They do this, and then turn around and tell you that your habits are the real problem, your habits are what is doing harm to our beautiful planet.

They are killing our forests, our oceans, our grasslands. THEY ARE KILLING OUR BEES!

Yes, it is time we took steps to reclaim the environmentalist movement. What is the first step, you may ask?

Why, buying used office furniture for your business, of course! Recycling furniture may not sound like it would do much, but hear me out while I make this pitch to you.

The massive cargo freighters that these items are shipped on are unimaginably terrible for the environment: just one of the enormous crafts emits as much cancer- and asthma- causing sulfuric agents as 50 MILLION cars, and there are 90,000 of the things in the ocean. If you can reduce the impact of that just a smidge, think of how much better off we could be.

With all that being said, if you’re looking for used office furniture in Los Angeles, we are spotlighting a company that provides high quality recycled pieces for a reasonable cost: Creative Office Design. Not only can they give you the means to help save our beautiful planet by giving you access to used furniture, they also provide a number of services to help maximize your office space: office planners, installation crews, the works.

Buying used may not be as glamorous as buying a shiny new office furniture set, but it can help offset some of the worst effects the modern global economy has on our environment. Plus, most of the time the furniture is sold due to a business going under or moving to a different location, meaning the furniture is in pristine condition at a far reduced price with no waiting time.

With the world churning in self-imposed chaos, now is a time for RECLAMATION. LA readers, visit one of Creative Office Design’s cubicle show rooms and start the process of taking BACK environmentalism from the phonies and crooks that run the movement!

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5230 Pacific Concourse Dr #105, Los Angeles, CA 90045

Get Up and Shake It!

What do sharks, a car with no brakes, and sitting at work all have in common? They are all scary and dangerous! It was recently discovered that sitting while working is more harmful than cigarettes, soda, and fast food all combined! Well, not really. There is no statistical evidence to back that statement up. However, studies do show that they are all bad for your health. Cigarettes will cause lung cancer, soda dehydrates you, and fast food will clog your arteries. You may be thinking, “Sitting can’t really be that bad in comparison, can it?”

Well, it can. Frequent sitting has been linked to heart disease, early death, dementia, diabetes, poor posture, weight gain, and cancer. I know, yikes! This article is not meant to scare you into a new profession. While sitting at work has been linked to these health problems, it is not the true cause. The cause is the lack of movement or inactivity, that occurs when you sit at work. So, if you have a job that requires quite a bit of sitting do not be afraid to get up and shake your tail feather occasionally! 

Lift Tables Adjustable Desks

Practice makes perfect. If you have a job that gets you up and moving partaking in physical activity in your free time is probably easy. However, if you have a job that requires you to sit behind a desk staring at a computer screen all day going for a five mile walk after work might be a little trickier. The more active you are at work each day will make it easier to be active in your free time. Also known simply as, being in good health.  

If you have a desk job that requires you to sit frequently there are a few things you can do. First, I would highly recommend looking into alternative work stations, such as a standing desk, if possible. Lift Tables adjustable desks are a great option for this! Not only do standing desks look cool, but they are also great for your health! If that is not an option have no fear, there are other ways to avoid sitting at work. 

The second way to make sure that you stay healthy is to get up and move during breaks. Be the crazy person doing jumping jacks on break and own it! Nobody will be laughing when your health is top notch down the road. 

Third, ditch the office chair. Instead opt for an exercise ball. Sitting on an exercise ball promotes movement and core strength. It can also help your posture and is a fun way to keep in shape. They come in a variety of different colors and, come on, who doesn’t love those things? 

Last, join a gym near work and sneak out on your lunch break. There is nothing wrong with working up a little quality sweat over the lunch hour. Some of your coworker friends might even join you! Whether it is for a quick game of hoops or walk around the track, a little gym time is a fun way to get active during the work day. 

So, don’t fall victim to the sitting at work monster! Get up and move like your life depends on it, because, well, it does.

To find great deals on adjustable desks make sure to check out:

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