I Meant Boats

Mandy tripped out her front door, latte in hand, on her way to meet Nick an electrician local to their community who was making quite the splash in the area installing electric vehicle chargers. Ever since the rise of the electric car there had been a huge demand for installation and Nick was the only man equipped for the job in their small community. This was why her employer, Dover Street, wanted her to get an interview with him. After a couple weeks of calling she had finally been able to set up a meeting and now she was going to be late thanks to her dog deciding to chew up a pillow this morning amongst other things. She never could seem to keep everything together. 

She walked through the front door of his shop right on time thanks to her biking skills, unfortunately she was a little sweaty which she tried to hide as she had a look around. She spotted a gentleman wearing a shirt with the name, “Nick” embroidered across the upper left-hand corner. She walked over extending her hand, “Hi Nick, I’m Mandy the report from Dover Street. It is so nice to meet you. I have to say it is very refreshing to see a business owner back behind the counter getting his hands dirty.” 

The boy stood wide eyed staring at Mandy’s hand. “Uh um,” she heard behind her. She turned and standing there was a tall, slender man in a suit. Her hand was still extended and she noticed everyone could see what a sweaty mess she was. 

“Hi Mandy,” the man said, “I’m Nick.”

Oh gosh, she thought, as if she could be more embarrassed. “Of course, you are! I am so sorry Nick is a popular name.” 

“Hmm yes, well sorry I’m not in my electrical clothes working behind the counter today. I have quite a few meetings today, but I do prefer working with my hands” he replied with a little grin. 

She had already looked foolish, she thought, great. “Of course you do so I won’t take up too much of your time. Shall we get started?” 

“Why not,” he replied. 

“Great,” she smiled releasing a big breath. “So, Nick I’m told you actually went to college with the inventor of the electric car is that true?” She questioned. 

“Haha, not quite the inventor, but my friends were doing great work in their studies on making electric cars more economically feasible” Nick replied.

Mandy could tell she was blowing this, “Yes sorry of course, I almost always have my research double checked. Anyway, I’d love to know what inspired you to start this business?” She asked. 

Nick smiled politely, he could tell she was nervous. “I studied the electrical trade. Then when I saw electrical cars were becoming the way of the future I made myself equip to serve that need,” he replied, “Originally, though the Tradesman Electrician specialized in electrical panels. From there it was an easy transition to electric vehicle chargers.”

That was a great answer, Mandy thought. “Last question,” she said glancing down at her notes. Unfortunately, they had gotten smudged on her bike ride over. She squinted trying to read her bosses handwriting. “It is to my understanding you are very interested in butts. Have you always been a sailor?” She realized what she had accidentally said as the words left her mouth, “Boats! I meant boats!” 

Nick laughed, “Yes I have always been interested in boats Mandy, while I am less interested in human anatomy.” 

Mandy was mortified. She shook his hand and excused herself quickly. Maybe she would be better suited for a career in boats or anatomy she thought as she biked home. 

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