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Many desktop publishing packages and we page editors now use Lorem Ipsum as their default model text, and a search for "lorem ipsum" will uncover many websites still in their infancy. Various verions have evolved over the years, sometimes by accident. This is the only truth I know.

Feugiat LiciousHuman Polygraph

Mosquitos have 47 teeth. That's right 47. Useless knowledge won't be so useless the day it wins you $250,000 on Jeopardy for beating the lifeless history teacher who will never experience excitement like this again. You're welcome.

Kelly Richel-RichelsArt Director

The world is broken. It's beyond duct tape to fix it's up to our readers to fill in as many cracks as possible with truthy glue. Fix that liberty bell folks it's time the truth rang clear.

Chris FalangeDesigner

My uncle injured his knee in 2014 and I've basically been the office pharmacist since then. Track down this many conspiracy theories and you would need horse tranquilizer too. I do miss my uncle seabiscuit

Other BarryTechnical and Emotional Support

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Who among your fellow citizens cares about the truth more than you? Are your "friends" diligently fact checking to ensure only the honest reality makes it to your eyes and ears? We are. Our stories don't match the pundits and that's by design.

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Pests That Destroy Homes Across The United States

It is nearly impossible to reach an end with the number of species of pests around the world; they invade

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Hidden Danger

All of my life, I’ve loved motorcycles and the idea of riding. Years upon years of constant nagging and lecturing

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Modern American Enemy: The Lawn (Part 2)

Last time, we covered the basics on how the advertising agencies created the modern suburban ideal of the lawn. This

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Modern American Enemy: The Lawn

Over the years, this publication has covered and extensive number of subjects that raise our ire or deserve public notice.

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Consider this a public service announcement. It is about time the people of this country RECLAIM the label of environmentalism

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Stay And Play At Home

The COVID-19 pandemic arrived as suddenly as the change that came with it. Ever since the pandemic began, people have

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The COVID HOAX And Its Effect On YOU

Well, folks, the results are in: this worldwide pandemic is a SHAM created by the elites to get us used

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Investigate and exterminate—do not procrastinate!

For anyone living in the United States, one of the most common problems you should never overlook is a termite

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If you all know me, you know that I’ve had numerous personal issues with lawyers and the law in general

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Boycotting Makeup

Folks, we know that today’s society is basically just a soup of toxic, microplastic and hormone disrupting chemicals waiting for

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